Make Your Own… Vinyl Handbag



I first got this idea from a Valentino handbag that I was on the runway. I also found Vinyl such an interesting material to work with since it won’t unravel, you can just cut it into any shapes you want! I was also thinking about how I could take the shape of a designer handbag that is already very well-known to many people, and re-make it in vinyl, which could be considered a “cheaper” looking material than for example leather, that most expensive designer handbags are made out of.



Valentino Spring 13

I decided to make a “Chanel” bag in vinyl, and found the exact measurements online. I found a golden buckle and chain, since that would make a nice contrast towards the see-through plastic and the black stitching. I also added a pocket to keep my belongings in. After all you will have to consider the fact that everyone is going to see everything you put in to your bag, and you might want to keep some things private! For assembling I used lots of glue, it dried quickly and would not show event though the plastic was see-through. Before I machine stitched the quilting, I actually drew the lines on the bag with a regular pen, the seam would later cover the marks up!




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